Friday, May 11, 2012

the Inspector

Shivabalayogi plays the role of a police inspector in this delightful, four-minute video taken in his room at the Bangalore ashram in 1986.

The occasion was the visit of some of Yashoda's family members, including her bother Maheshwaran, from Sri Lanka soon after their family house at Wattala near Colombo, Sri Lanka, was ransacked by Sinhalese rioters. Swamiji had stayed at that house as the family’s guest during his visits to Sri Lanka.

Yashoda was, in effect, Shivabalayogi's working manager of the Bangalore ashram and her older brother, Sathyasheelan, was its office manager.

The safari suit that Swamiji is wearing in the video was tailored for Sathyasheelan. Swamiji had asked the Tambre family to tailor such safari suits for all the devotees who were living at the ashram. Sathyasheelan's fitted Swamiji quite nicely!

After this Inspector video was taken, Swamiji told devotees that he had acted for the video camera to cheer up Yashoda and Maheshwaran. He wanted to make them forget the sad incident their family and Sri Lanka had suffered.

Subtitles allow you to enjoy their joking and play, and chances are you have never seen anything quite like this.

This video can be seen on YouTube by going directly to The Inspector. Other videos of Swamiji can also be seen at The Shivabalayogi channel on YouTube.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bangalore Ashram Bhajans & Darshan 1993

Bhajans and darshan videotaped a day or two before the August 7th, tapas anniversary function at the Bangalore ashram in 1993. The sadhu singing the bhajans had come for the function. The video was taken by Doug Azul Amey and Tom Palotas and the audio recorded by Karen Morell. Edited by Tom Palotas.

This was the last tapas anniversary function before Shivabalayogi entered mahasamadhi. Devotees gathered from around India and the United States for the celebration.

More videos on Shivabalayogi can be seen at the SSFHandloom channel at YouTube. To see this video and others in full screen, please go to the SSFHandloom YouTube channel or to the online video page at the Handloom website.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tapoleela - Telugu Language Shivabalayogi Journal

To be launched  …  soon …..  Tapoleela Quarterly Journal

·         The history of Swamiji as a serial
·         Swamiji’s discussions with His direct disciples
·         Experiences of devotees
·         Miracles performed by Swamiji
·         The necessity and importance of meditation
·         What is trance – bhava and bhava samadhi
·         Activities and events at ashrams and centers of Swamiji around the world (along with photographs)
·         And other information

Tapoleela:  The Play of Tapas, Divine Play

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