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Shivabalayogi Currents is brought to you by the Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj International Trust with its spiritual headquarters in Adivarapupeta, India, and by the Shivabalayogi Seva Foundation in Tucson, Arizona.

The following websites are devoted to Shivabalayogi and his devotees:

Shiva website at is the website that Shivabalayogi blessed and was established before he entered mahasamadhi.

The Shivabalayogi website at has over three hundred pages of information about Shivabalayogi and his devotees, including his words, experiences, transcripts, articles, publications and links to complete books, may of them free downloads, and free downloads of photos, bhajan recordings and words, and videos.

Shivabalayogi Programs  -  His Treasure (Devotees' Experiences)  -  Quotes from the Source, (a Shivabalayogi Reader)  -  His Presence Today

The Shivabalayogi website is also where books and videos can be purchased, and photographs, bhajan recordings and words, e-books, and other Shivabalayogi resource materials can be downloaded, all without any charge.

Shivabalayogi Writer's Corner at contains perspectives on Swamiji's work today (The Living Yogi), editorials on how Shivabalayogi acted as a yogi, and information about the spiritual treatise, Yoga Vasishta.

See Shivabalayogi videos online at The Shivabalayogi channel on YouTube or the online video page of the Shivabalayogi website.

Other websites promote Swamiji's devotees who are now teaching in his name.  For links to some of these sites, see the About the Shivabalayogi Website page.