Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Adivarapupeta Meditation Hall

Recent photo of the new Dhyana Mandir,
Adivarapupeta ashram.
Architect's drawing showing the spire over the Samadhi
and the larger dome of the Dhyana Mandir.
Photo taken from the guest building shows the roof of the
temple, then the tower of the Samadhi itself, then the
concrete dome of the new Dhyana Mandir.
Recent photos taken at the Adivarapupeta ashram show the development of the new Dhyana Mandir (meditation temple or hall) being constructed next to the Samadhi.

The space inside is carpeted and already being used. It was the venue for the annual devotees' meeting conducted by the International Trust this.

The Samadhi is where the sacred body of Shivabalayogi was interred on April 2, 1994. It is a relatively small space which will be connected to the much larger Dhyana Mandir.

The large hall will allow many devotees to attend and participate in the various functions and pujas that take place in the Samadhi.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Tapoleela, March 2013

The inaugural issue of Tapoleela ("Divine Play"), the Telugu language magazine devoted to Shivabalayogi, was published in Adivarapupeta this Mahashivaratri, on the occasion of the Annual Meeting of devotees.

The complete, 36 page magazine can be viewed at the Tapoleela page of the Shivabalayogi website, where a full-sized PDF copy can be downloaded without charge.

Much of the credit for this new magazine belongs to Balakrishna, a third-generation devotee now living in Hyderabad. His initiative and work helped bring this publication to the public.