Sunday, April 28, 2013

Diwali Experience

On the day of Diwali (13 Nov, 2012), having celebrated the evening with friends, I came back to my house and was sitting on the bed in the pooja room, when on seeing Swamiji's photo, I kind of complained to my wife that Swamiji gives experiences to so many people but he has never given me an experience even though I had been initiated over a year ago and have been doing one hour of dhyan every day. I forgot about the casual remark made and carried on with other activities and went to sleep thereafter.

In the wee hours of the morning I  was suddenly overcome by a force which pulled all my attention to the bhrikuti (point between brows) and my body went into an euphoria. I had a feeling that Swamiji was around. Then a distinct and clearly audible human voice started chanting Om. I could not see Swamiji but could sense him around and the human voice was distinctly continuously chanting Om. I soon pulled out of the sensation but was zoomed into the same state again. This happened three or four times. I can only thank and wonder at the magnanimity of our beloved Swamiji.

-- Harminder

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tabla Thatha Thimmappa

Tabla Thatha Thimmappa passed away peacefully at about 6:00 PM on April 23. He was about 110 years of age.

Tabla Master, so known because of his skill playing the tabla drums during bhajans, was an ardent devotee of Swamiji since 1963 and a very active member of the Bangalore bhajan group. He could often be seen at the Bangalore ashram, encouraging the bhajan group, singing, and driving the beat playing cymbals. He was a short man, well built, and of seemingly timeless age.

It was Tabla Master who helped instigate the practice of the Bangalore and other pilgrims parading through Adivarapupeta village behind a photo of Shivabalayogi on their way to the ashram for Mahashivaratri.

He was quite healthy right until the end -- besides being hard of hearing and cataract in both eyes. He stopped taking solid food for the previous few days and lived on fluids.

Several of Thatha Thimmappa's children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren are Swamiji’s devotees now.

We know that Shri Swamiji will guide this devotee on his onward journey with much peace.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hari Shreeyam Experiences


I have had a dream vision several months ago where I met Shivabalayogi. I have been familiar with him for years. I think about ten years ago I was sent vibhuti from his Mahasamadhi shrine. I would very much like to have some more if that is possible.

I first started my spiritual practe in yoga at age ten when I received my first shaktipat. I went through about ten years of automatic kriyas, mantras, etc., before reeiving another shaktipat from Swami Mukhtananda two years after he took mahasamadhi. He came as a ball of brilliant white light one night into my room, took me out of my body and gave me shaktipat again. Again I went through automatic kriyas - the bandhas, prnayama, hearing Om, seeing the various lights and sounds of nada.

I practiced at that time between four and six hours a day. I also did a three year mahamantra tapasya with the MahaMrytujaya Mantra. After three years Shiva appeared to me in a Golden Body and spoke to me and said he would grant my wish (but I'm not sure which one he was talking about).

My main devotional practice has been for the last six years shanting the Chandipat (the whole book - 400 pages). When I first committed to worshipping the Goddes Chandi this way she appeared to me smacked my face and said: "What are you doing here?" She initated me with the smack and instructed me with her question as to what I must answer inside myself. The practice has been very successful.

I have deep spiritual experiences on a regular basis and this last January when in Vajeshwari/Ganeshpuri I met a Nath who gave me diksha into the Nath order in the Vajeshwari Temple. While there I sat in meditation as the Chandipat was being chanted by the Brahmins and I could see out my third eye/forehead and I saw the Goddess Bahglamuki enter about ten feet from me through one of the doors. She was dressed in brilliant yellow with a pointed hat. Thereafter I have also had a vision of her coming to me and introducing me to her sisters.

Since then is when I have had the dream vision of Shivabalayogi and understand I am connected to him and have to develop this connection.

Language Translation Shivabalayogi Website

The Google Translation
The Shivabalayogi website can now be automatically translated into scores of languages through Google Translate. Look for the Google button on the bottom of the left margin menu column. These languages include Telugu, Hindi, Tamil and other Indian languages in addition to European, Asian and African languages.

Try this translation service on this Shivabalayogi Currents blog site. The button is on the bottom of the right menu margin. Please share this information with other devotees who may prefer to read about Shivabalayogi in their own, native language. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dehradun Ashram: New Rules Restricting Admission

Devotees considering a visit to the Shivabalayogi ashram in Dehradun should be aware of the new rules imposed by the ashram management and prominently posted on the Shivarudrabalayogi website:

1. Security cameras have been installed inside the Ashram premises.

2. Hereafter no outside vehicles are to be allowed inside the Ashram premises other than those vehicles approved and listed by the Dehradun Ashram Administration.

3. Only medical emergencies vehicle shall be allowed for immediate medical assistance such as 108 ambulance and or any ambulance from recognized and authorized hospitals or ambulance services providers.

4. All visitors be it members/devotees or any other visitor must strictly enter their name and other details as required in the visitor's register which will be available at the main entrance gate. Failing to comply with the above, no entry will be allowed for such persons.

5. Hereafter all members, devotees and visitors to the Ashram who need to take long term/short term shelter (if more than 24 hrs) within the Ashram campus give a written application along with complete ID details to the Ashram administration (Saadhvi Ambaji) seeking Ashram permission to stay the required period. The Dehradun Ashram administration, especially Babaji reserve the Right to accept or Reject any such request application without giving any reason or explanation.

The website identifies Baba as the Spiritual Head of the Shivabalayogi Trust and that “[t]he Dehradun Ashram is the spiritual home of Babaji’s inspirational sadhana and Tapas, and the base from which He carries out His Guru’s Mission.”

We hope to be able to report soon that these restrictions have been lifted and the ashram will again be generally open to Shivabalayogi's devotees and to the public in general.